World Water Summit 16

SINGAPORE May 24, 2024

WASH Rotary Action Group supports and ensures sustainable long-lasting clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to communities in need.

Sanitation Project on Tea Plantation 
By Kumaraswamy Sivakumaran, WASH Ambassador
The sanitation facilities at a tea plantation in Sri Lanka were in pathetic shape. This challenging project constructed toilets with a septic system and hand washing facilities for 275 families.  
Kyaka Refuge Camp Clean Water Project
This project was implemented in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in western Uganda. The settlement's population expanded quickly, and the existing infrastructure was unable to meet the demands. Clean water was necessary to prevent the residents from contracting waterborne diseases. There were many components involved including a rainwater collection system.
This project was made possible in part by a $25,000 grant from the WASH Rotary Action Group

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World Water Day – March 22

Getting your club to clean up a local river is just one of many excellent ideas for a Service Project for World Water Day, March 22