The WASH Rotary Action Group Ambassadors are a group of knowledgeable members who provide support and promotion of the goals of WASH Rotary Action Group and The Rotary Foundation. 

WASH Ambassadors know the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene for the health of an individual, a family, a community and to a nation.

WASH Rotary Action Group’s Ambassador Program aspires to engage a Rotarian in each Rotary District to serve as a WASH resource to other Rotarians, District Rotary leadership and to other senior leaders across their District.

A WASH Ambassador expands the awareness of WASH issues throughout their District and develops other Rotarians to be WASH advocates. Ambassadors serves to support WASH programs of Clubs.

An Ambassador brings WASH Rotary Action Groups’ voice and experience to promote, facilitate and advocate for meaningful action on WASH programs at the community, regional and/or national level.

WASH Ambassadors roles:

  • Serve District leadership in increasing awareness about WASH programs
  • Advocacy
  • Provide technical and/or logistical support, or refer to the appropriate professional
  •  Recruit and engage WASH-RAG members

WASH Ambassador’s responsibilities:

  • Work with District leaders to develop annual goals
  • Present to Rotary Clubs and at District events
  • Work with Clubs on WASH programs
  • Submit reports, photos to WASH- RAG Ambassador Committee

WASH Advocates are:

  • Passionate about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Trusted and respected in their District
  • Advocates for universal WASH • Connectors of resources for Rotarian


Ambassadors must be member of WASH-RAG.
Ambassadors serve for one three-year term and can be reappointed for another 3-year term.
An annual meeting of Ambassadors is held at the International Convention, at which time Ambassadors take the opportunity to meet and share their experiences with their peers and WASH Rotary Action Group leadership.
Ambassadors are required to submit an annual activity report in May of each year for presentation at the Annual General Meeting held during the Rotary International Convention.

Join Our Ambassador Program

If you are interested in being appointed as a WASH Rotary Action Group Ambassador, please complete the WASH-RAG Ambassador Application. The following information will be asked.
  • Your contact details.
  • Rotary details if you are a Rotarian or Rotaractor.
  • District in which you wish to serve as an Ambassador.
  • Your WASH Experience.
  • Your Rotary Experience.
  • References.
By this means, you will communicate to us your interest and the region (e.g. district, country) for which you could act as an Ambassador.  If you have questions, you may direct them to the Ambassador Project Manager at info@wash-rag.org 


The following ambassadors are available to provide help and information.  If there is no ambassador for the area in which you are interested, please let us know and we will put you in touch with an appropriate ambassador.

Europe and Asia

James Onions
1145  England
Peter Staermose
1470  Denmark
Bent Michael Nielsen
1480  Denmark
Lucien Moreau
1660  France
Axel Schoepa
1880, Liepzig, Germany
1920, Austria
Dilip Mirchandani
2130,  Belgium
Wido Dorigo
2150   Belgium
Juan Suarez Gonzales
2201  Arucas, Spain
Fevzi Tavus
2440, Turkey
2490  Israel, Romania, Poland, Hungary
Jesus Maria Martelo
2490        Spain
Jeyapaul Chellamuthu
3000,  India
3011   India
Brijesh Dayal Mathur
3012   Delhi, India
Dr. Sunil Prakash
3012  India
Mahesh Mokalkar
3030, India
Ratneshwar Kashyap
3050 India
Ramesh Agrawal
3054 Rajasthan, India
Nigam Chaudhari
3054  Maharashtra, India
Ravindra Bankar
3132, India
3150  Zone 456a India
Dr Rajesh Bejjangala
3181 Mangalore, India
B.K. Prasad
3190  Bangalore
Rama Krishnan
3201  India
Dimuthu Daluwatte
3220  Sri Lanka
Jogesh Gambhir
3250   India
Bindu Singh
3250  India
S.N. Srikanth
3232   Chennai, India
Kundleshwar Panigrahi
3261  Raipur, India
Ashok Bihari Mohapatra
3262  Odisho, India
Sajid Pervaiz
3272  Pakistan
Nurul Kabir
3281 Bangladesh
Aman Ullah Bahar
3282, Bangladesh

The Americas

Edgarkis Crisostomo
4060  Dominican Republic
Jose Garcia
4140  Guadalajara, MX
Marcos Calvert
4170  Mexico
Jane Mirandette
4240  Nicaragua
Jorge Gutierrez
4400  Quito, Equador
Bill Stumbaugh
4400, Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador 
5020, Washington State, USA
5020  Pacific NW, USA
Richard Chinn
5150, California, USA
Michael Barrington
5160  California, USA
Jill Duerig
5170 California USA
Ellen Hancock
5220 California, USA
Peter Lattey   
5280  California, USA
Wajih Malki
5320    California, USA
Rich Fisher
5440  Colorado USA
Paul Hebert
5440  Colorado USA
Charlotte Roehm
5450 Colorado USA
Reggie OBrien
5470  Colorado USA
Dale Gray
5495  Arizona, USA
John Nonnemaker
5710   Missouri, USA
Isis Mejias
5890  Texas, USA
Dale Snyder
5950  Minnesota, USA
Patty Hall
5960  Minnesota, USA
Steve Leonard
6220  Wisconsin, USA
Henry St.Maurice
6250  Wisconsin, USA
Gary Sobotta
6380  Michigan, USA
Ron Arkell
6400  Ontario, Canada
Prakasam Tata
6450  Illinois, USA
Woody Collins
6560  Indiana, USA
Bob Ruehl
6600  Ohio, USA
Rosemary Calhoon Takacs
6970  Florida, USA
Neil Van Dine
7020   Haiti
Uche George Okugo
7080  Ontario, Canada
Aldo Villanovich
7080  Ontario, Canada
John Boot
7090, Ontario, Canada
Jonathan Naugle
7410  Pennsylvania, USA
Chuck Martz
7450  Pennsylvania USA
7680  North Carolina, USA
Eddie Cheung
7780, Maine, USA
André St-Hilaire
7790  Maine, USA & Quebec, CA

Africa and Oceania

Christopher Forster
9101  Sierra Leone
Illo Adam
9102  Niger
Eric DeFor
9102  Ghana
H. Dorothe Gounon
9102, Benin
Mohammed Dan-Hassan
9125  Nigeria
Mightyman Dikuro
9141 Nigeria
Anayo Onwukwe
9142  Nigeria
Manuel Mutale
9210  Zambia
9210  Zambia
Moses Musiitwa
9211, Uganda
Deurence Onyango
9212  Kenya
David Grant
9400   South Africia
9600,  Queensland, Australia
Joselito Tubon
9620, Papua New Guinea
Mark Balla
9810, Australia
Warwick Pleass
9920  Oceania
Bruce Lindsey
9980  eClubs
9980  New Zealand