This is a US$90,000 Global Grant WASH project (GG2105561). We are seeking additional Rotary Club funding partners to reach our goal of US$30,000 in Rotary Club financial participation. This project will provide 4 benefits to the recipient Kyaithani Kenya community and schools: 1. The failing diesel generator at the community's Rotary provided well (the only source of potable water in the area) will be replaced with a solar panel array in order to ensure ongoing access to potable water. This will be installed by the local well equipment supplier. 2. Hand-washing stations will be installed at 8 local schools (there are none currently) to improve hygiene at the schools. The hand washing stations are available from a local supplier. 3. Composting toilet blocks for teachers, and boys & girls will be installed at the 6 primary schools in the area to replace existing pit toilets that are in a very bad state of disrepair. At two schools there currently no toilets available for boys, and many toilets have no doors. This will be a significant improvement in the sanitation situation at these schools. A local Kenyan project partner is currently installing composting toilets at some other schools in a nearby community and has agreed to oversee this part of the project for us. 4. Implementing drip-irrigation gardens at the schools to provide food for the school meal programs, and generate income for the ladies in the school's parent support group. The drip-irrigation equipment and training/support is available from a local supplier. Our project team has a successful history, since 2008, of Rotary grant project work in this area of Kenya. We just completed an education-oriented US$100k Global Grant project to install computer labs at two high schools, provide teacher training for over 250 teachers, and implement a solar light rent-to-own program for students that now has over 7000 lights in use. We can provide more background for interested clubs. We have grant support from two Canadian Rotary Districts to match the US$30,000 of Rotary Club donations with US$30,000 of District Designated Funding. The remaining $30,000 will come from TRF World Fund. Since 2008 we have successfully partnered with 53 Rotary Clubs from around the world in our WASH and education-oriented Rotary Projects. This is a great opportunity to financially participate in a well-leveraged project with a project team that has a long successful track record. We would welcome any inquiries and your project participation.
Terry Umbach
Jul. 08, 2020 3 years ago
Port Moody