The Kimilili community is affected by floods in this season of rain. Children in the orphanage are having emergency needs in this time of pandemic including food, medication, clothes, and mattresses. There ae 125 children in the orphanage. The project will build capacity of local to recover from the current disasters and the pandemic. A goal of the project is to improve preparedness of the people to respond to floods through evacuation measures in order to reduce the flooding disaster losses. The project objectives are to construct evacuation structures, promote hygiene and sanitation, and create the playground for the kids to easily monitor their movement. The project outcomes will be safe place for evacuation which will help save lives. and properties. The construction of pit latrines and bathrooms will help to reduce waterborne diseases. Children at the orphanage will have food, sanitation to improve their lives and saving them from hunger. The project will be implemented in Kimilili Sub-county of Bungoma. Most of the communities are affected by floods which lead to many lives loss during the occurrence of floods, many have been displaced, with no food. The constructed centre of hope will be one of the evacuation shelters with a one kitchen and water well, four pit latrines, four bathrooms, an open area for tents. The project will promote education, sanitation and protect issues of people and promote youth development through sports.
Francis Wanjala (Mark)
kimilili, kenya
Seeking financial International partner
May 15, 2020 4 years ago
Seeking International partner
direct target is 9,560 people
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