The project is to construct a new water plant to provide clean water to serve multiple villages in the Dominican Republic (DR). There are two site options in District 4060. It will be the 7th plant in the system that currently provides annually over 723 thousand gallons of clean water through six plant sites for poverty level regions in the DR. Each of the plant sites is operated through a local church organization with coordination through Fundacion Water@Work a local non- profit organization. Working through Fundacion Water@Work, DR impoverished profit communities are identified where clean water is either unavailable or expensive to buy. The organization partners with a church in that community or somewhere nearby to build a water purification plant. The Dominican team uses local suppliers to install a state-of-the-art technology for water purification and ensures the plant gains certification through the department of Public Health. A vehicle for distribution of the clean water in 5-gallon jugs is given to the church the ability to reach the surrounding communities at affordable prices. Al the employees and suppliers are DR residents. The funding for each plant site is raised through individual fund-raising campaign. A Rotary Global Grant #GG1980015 raised the entire financial support for the most recent plant of the DR Fundacion Water@Work network for Fondo Negro. All of the plants follow and report a Sustainability Reporting Process (SRP) with goal to follow the general guideline of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) of the Netherlands. A copy of the initial SRP is available upon request.
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Two options in District 4060
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May 23, 2020 3 years ago
Working on two site options in District 6910
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