Posted by Puerto Vallarta Sur
Cleaning the Cuale River
Submitted by the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta Sur
As part of World Water Day, 2018, the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta Sur participated in cleaning up the Cuale River.  The Rotary Club is considering making this an annual World Water Day event.
The morning of March 24, 2018, the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico)with the help of local organizations and agencies, set out to clean the banks of the Cuale River. More than 200 people participated in collecting 3.5 tons of garbage and waste from the riverbank. In addition to Rotarians and Rotaract members, other institutions, organizations, local student groups, and the local City Council with its different agencies including Paramedics and Civil Protection, formed part of this day that was replicated in many diverse parts of the planet.
On behalf of the Acting Mayor, Rodolfo Domínguez Monroy, the Director of Environment and Municipal Ecology, Albino Garay de la O, acknowledged the efforts made by the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur to contribute to the care of the natural environment of this destination, bringing together different institutions, authorities, and groups of society.
These tasks, he said, gained more importance with the start of the holiday period of Holy Week and Easter, so that Vallartans and visitors can enjoy these spaces. At the same time, he called on the population to contribute to its cleanliness and care, to not leave garbage but rather deposit it in the right places so that the garbage does not end up in the various bodies of water.
Gloria Carrillo, the president of the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur, stated that the cleanliness of the rivers should be an objective of all, so this program will be maintained continuously throughout the year and is carried out internationally as part of cleaning the rivers of the world.
Ignacio Guzmán García, a member of the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur, who worked with the local communities to arrange the cleanup event, thanked the municipal authorities "for their  contribution and support; that we also recognize in them, their commitment to ecology. We are volunteers, but this cause leads us to keep the riverbanks clean." He indicated that 27 bodies of water (rivers, creeks, and streams) flow into the local Banderas Bay, and these 27 all will be put on the map for cleaning in subsequent