Global Handwashing Day - October 15, 2020
With the COVID-19 crisis so prominent in the news, a number of organizations are making an extra effort to promote handwashing with soap this year. They have developed resources that we can use every day when we are teaching about the importance of handwashing. 
The official website of Global Handwashing Day has some excellent resources to increase awareness, advocate for action, and initiate behavioural change. Go to to see what is available. 
USAID Virtual Event and Resources
USAID is encouraging us to spread the word about handwashing from Oct 8 - 15.  They have planned a virtual event featuring speakers from USAID, the Republic of Ghana, and more on October 14. For more information and to register for this free virtual event Register Here
USAID has also put together a wide array of resources and promotional materials, including a social media toolkit.
It is the creative people at Global Water 2020 that have taken a very interesting approach to educate about handwashing. 
Spread the word...not your germs!
At the worst of times, laughter can be healing. We all need a bit of a break from the gravity of COVID-19, while still effectively communicating the importance of hand hygiene. So, this Global Handwashing Day — when hand hygiene has never been more important — let’s have a bit of fun:
We’ve got classic sitcoms, videos and songs, a gross experiment, graphics (and some serious stuff, too), with lots of sample tweets to make sharing easy.
These American TV sitcoms and more will bring back memories (and leave you running for the soap and water.) 
  • Hayley’s Disgusting Experiment: Global Water 2020’s very own Hayley conducts a gross experiment (and now her dog needs a bath.)
  • Fox News’ Peter Hegseth’s mom reacts to his announcement that he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years. So does this op-ed
These songs will get you laughing and dancing (and definitely handwashing):
Hayley’s Disgusting Experiment
Watch Hayley’s gross experiment before you put on your mask!  #WashYourHands #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
Don’t be a Chandler, they’ll know. #WashYourHands #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll @FriendsTV
The Office
Learn the vampire sneeze: Then #WashYourHands. #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll @theofficetv
Watch the Scrubs team spread infection: You’ll be sure to wash your hands afterwards. #WASHinHCF #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
I’d take a pass on that chef, too @jerryseinfeld: #WashYourHands #HandHygieneForAll #GlobalHandwashingDay
No, @jerryseinfeld is not ok.  #WashYourHands #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
The Incredibles 2
Even cartoon characters need to be reminded to #WashYourHands: #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
Big sisters rule in this adorable clip from The Incredibles 2: #WashYourHands #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
Sesame Street
Raya @sesamestreet is the leader we all need: Don’t forget to #WashYourHands with soap and water! #GlobalHandWashingDay #HandHygieneForAll @SesameWorkshop @GlblCtzn
Jimmy Kimmel Live
If you #WashYourHands do you get to meet @onerepublic & @jimmykimmel? #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygeineForAll
Mama Mia in quarantine
We can’t dance the germs away, but have fun trying with this Mama Mia cast in quarantine. @ABBA #WashYourHands on #GlobalHandwashingDay. #HandHygeineForAll
Fox News reporter prides himself on not washing his hands in 10 years:
Sure hope this is fake news! #WashYourHands @PeteHegseth! #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
.@PeteHegseth’s mom has a message for her son. #WashYourHands #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll
This #GlobalHandwashingDay, remember to #WashYourHands more than once every 10 years. @PeteHegseth @Foxandfriends #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll. Read why you should:
Hear from Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
“The very pandemic that is putting all our efforts in peril because of a lack of solidarity and a lack of resources is spread because of the problems we can’t address: handwashing.” @Laurie_Garrett #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandHygieneForAll 
Hear from Henrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF
Thank you @unicefchief Henrietta Fore for this important message on #GlobalHandwashingDay: #HandHygieneForAll
Defeat DD
Don’t miss this touching new video from @DefeatDD narrated by UNSG @antonioguterres: #WASHinHCF #HandHygieneForAll #GlobalHandwashingDay
National Geographic
.@NatGeo: People around the world “face a disconcerting choice: They could wash their hands or keep their social distance.” Everyone deserves #HandHygieneForAll to fight #COVID19 and dozens of diseases. #GlobalHandwashingDay. Read more:
The Global Handwashing Partnership offers these graphics:
Let’s have a creative & constructive Global Handwashing Day! Thanks for doing your part and stay safe everyone,
The Global Water 2020 team
Susan Barnett
Global Water 2020 communications lead