WASH Rotary Action Group Board of Directors 2020-2003
Mary Beth was a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation from 2016-2019, a Director of Rotary International from 2013-2015, and a member of the WASRAG Operations Team since 2016.  She reports as follows.
I have had the opportunity to serve as a member of the WASRAG Operations Team for the past 4+ years.  All of our discussions and decisions are focused on WASRAG’s Mission Statement: Providing human, technical and financial support to Rotary clubs and districts that are seeking to help communities to gain sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene.  I would like to continue my service as a member of the WASRAG Board.
In an effort to share our mission with more Rotarians, I would like to continue to engage with and encourage our Clubs and Districts to identify WASH programs, in which they can participate, with their global partners.  These grants must meet the needs of the communities in which our programs will be implemented; allowing for multi-generational behavior change to the benefit all of stakeholders.
Professional Background
  • I started and have grown my own small business since 1987.  My primary responsibility within the business is sales.
  • I understand how to work with my clients, guiding them through professional recommendations, based on my expertise.
  • Communication is essential to success.
Experience/Background in WASH Related Activities
  • I have had the opportunity to serve as a member of The Rotary Foundation’s Rotary-USAID Partnership Steering Committee for WASH for the last 3+ years (two of which as chair of the Steering Committee).
  • As a member of the RI-USAID Partnership Steering Committee, we have the responsibility to serve as stewards of The Rotary Foundation’s $6M commitment to the partnership.   Additionally, we work with the selected countries/Rotary Districts to plan, define, develop, and implement their programs, alongside their/our USAID and USAID (selected) implementing partner(s).
  • As a Rotary Foundation Trustee, I served as a Vice-chair of the TRF  Programs Committee; a member of the TRF Stewardship Committee and; a member of The Rotary Foundation Finance Committee. I believe all of this experience will be beneficial to service on the WASRAG Board.
  • As a member of the Rotary International Board of Directors, I served on the Audit and Programs Committee.

What I Believe I can Contribute as a Board Member
  • I am a thorough and thoughtful processor of information.  I want to be sure we have fully discussed relevant issues before decisions are taken.  Being a “devil’s advocate” is not a bad thing when it helps us explore every side of a topic before making a decision.
  • WASRAG is very important to me and I continue to learn from more experienced members every day.  I want to be able to share the opportunities and expanded possibilities with as many of our members and potential partners as possible.
  • When The Rotary Foundation implemented its new Grants Model, it had three primary goals:
    • Sustainability
    • Collaboration and Partnerships
    • Larger scale programs
I believe WASRAG has the opportunity to help our Rotarians understand the value of “thinking big” to develop more sustainable, larger scale programs that involve multiple Clubs and (proven/successful) implementing partners.