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Pure Water for Haiti
For the past five years, the Rotary Club of Vermillion, Ohio, with the passion and drive of John Hill, they have focused on bringing clean water to communities in Haiti.
In 2013, the Club, with the assistance of others within District 6600 and 14 other clubs scattered across the US, partnered with Pure Water for the World to put 324 bio-sand water filters in 76 schools in the Mirebalais, Haiti area. This effort brought clean water to approximately 24,000 students and also the local community.
With a very successful project completed, the Vermillion Club decided to take on an even more ambitious project of bringing bio-sand water filters to 1,100 homes in Limonade, Haiti. The first accomplishment was getting all 63 CLubs in District 6600 to contribute to the project.  The project gained momentum and became a multi-DIstrict project with District 6290 and the Elk Rapids Rotary Club. The multi-phase project is underway with the Rotary Club of Cap-Haitien being the host partner.  
Pure Water for Haiti
In 2013, the Vermilion Rotary Club undertook the Global Grant “Pure Water for Mirebalais, Haiti.” Rotarians within District 6600, Pure Water for the World, 14 other Rotary clubs from Ohio, Oregon, California, Montana, Florida and New Jersey they were able to raise $25,000 for the project.  
With the help of Pure Water for the World, they identified the Rotary Club of Mirebalais, Haiti as the International partner. The project placed Bio-Sand Water Filters in schools. Each school designated two people to be trained on the principles of water hygiene, and the proper operation and maintenance of the filters. Ultimately, 324 filters were placed in 76 schools in the Mirebalais area, with about 24,000 students benefitting, as well as the community.
This year, Rotary District 6600, with the Vermillion Club taking the lead, they started a multi-District, multi-phase project called "Pure Water for Limonade, Haiti”, designed to bring clean water for 1,100 households.
The first achievement was getting all 63 clubs in District 6600 to agree to support the project. At the same time, District 6290 (N.W. Michigan, and Southern Ontario, Canada) agreed to participate, as well as the Elk Rapids Rotary Club.
With the help of Pure Water for the World, they identified the Rotary Club of Cap-Haitien as the Host club,
The project has two phases, which is currently underway, that will put Bio-Sand Water Filters in 100 homes, at a cost of $39,000. They plan on following the same requirements that each household has someone trained in hygiene and maintenance of the system.
Phase Two will take learnings from the first phase, and start the installation of bio-sand water filters in 1,000 homes, predicted to cost of $290,000. This project will use District Designated Funds (DDF), and matching monies from Rotary International Global Grant. District 6290 Rotarian Bill Donberg, and District 6600 Rotarian John Hill are involved in coordinating the project and soliciting financial support for both phases.