Story from Kabarole, Uganda
Sally and Keith Halsey spent two years as volunteer lecturers at a Teachers' College in Uganda. During this time they worked with the Rotary Club of Saltash, Cornwall, UK as the International partner and the Rotary Club of Kabarole, Uganda as the Host club to accomplish a number of projects to improve this community. 
Large projects included improving a medical clinic and bringing clean water to the college. They also undertook some smaller projects like teaching students at a school how to make Tippy Taps. 
Story from Kabarole, Uganda
Sally and Keith Halsey spent two years working as volunteer lecturers at Canon Apolo Primary Teachers' College, Fort Portal, Uganda. While they were there the Rotary Club of Saltash, Cornwall, UK supported them financially with many projects which supported the college and the local community. They worked in partnership with the Rotary Club of Kabarole, Uganda.

One of the projects was to repair a local medical clinic. They worked together to put on a new roof, plaster the walls, and pour a cement floor over the existing earth floor.

While Sally and Keith were living at the College, they had first-hand experience of having to cope without water. During the dry season, December to March, it was common for the students to have to walk to the local swamp to collect water for their daily needs, such as washing their clothes and bathing. But on many occasions, they would have to drink this water from the swamp stream, which was the same water used to wash their motorbikes. This caused bad stomach upsets and skin conditions.

A Rotary Global Grant was applied for with funding from Saltash and a Canadian Rotary club and after five years of perseverance, in 2021 the college now has a water pump that is powered by Solar Panels. This pumps water from a small stream (not the swamp) which is filtered and then stored in a huge water tank. The project also included a flushing toilet block with a shower.

The Rotary Club of Saltash Rotary Club received a letter of appreciation from the College Principal telling them how this project has transformed the lives of the students and staff. The electricity bill has been cut by 45% due to the Solar Panels.