Posted on Jan 09, 2019
Support for Pre-Planning Canadian WASH Projects
Sustainable WASH projects taking advantage of The Rotary Foundation Global Grants require a lot of planning and documentation on training, capacity building, behaviour change, monitoring and evaluation. 
This requires significant planning prior to making a grant request. Often this requires a visit to the host club by the international partner. 
The Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation provides a grant to cover part of the expense of an on-site visit for Canadian Rotary Clubs undertaking a global grant request. 

Support for Pre-Planning WASH Projects for Canadian Rotary clubs

PDG Dr Ron Denham, Chair-emeritus WASRAG, is pleased to announce funding support for pre-planning WASH projects by Canadian Rotary clubs.

A few years ago The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and WASRAG combined to offer the Project Planning & Performance program. That program funded travel and accommodation expenses to, and in, a host country for Rotarians from an international partner club. The goal was to provide more effective pre-planning of grant requests.  

That program has been terminated but the need still exists. TRF now requires a hydrological survey  (for boreholes) prior to approving a grant. They also require adequate documentation on all relevant software training, capacity building, behaviour change as well as a plan for Monitoring and Evaluation. Also required is a plan for ensuring long-term funding for on-going Operations and Maintenance.

These changes demand more commitment and participation in the planning process from all parties PRIOR to submitting the grant request. Often this will call for a visit to the host club by Rotarians from the international partner club(s).

WASRAG wishes to encourage this joint-planning. Many Rotarians are reluctant to make such visits at their own expense. So the Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation (CRWF) will provide a maximum of $10,000 (CDN) to fund travel, accommodation and other necessary expenses for Rotarians to work jointly with the host club in preparing a grant request to TRF, or to the Canadian Rotary Foundation.

Requests for this funding must be submitted by the Host club. They must include estimates of proposed expenditures. Upon agreement, CRWF will pay 50% of the requested funds up front. The balance will be paid after the visit on submission of detailed receipts.

CRWF reserves the right to reject such applications if the proposed project is not compatible with Rotary International’s WASH Area of Focus or does not support WASRAG’s mission—support for Rotary clubs and/or districts.

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