The Yombra clean water project is tailored for modern times engaging the 3000 residents to create water that is free of sediments, viruses, bacteria, and harmful minerals. The project has three qualities that fortell a successful outcome. The Host, Kisumu Central, is very experienced in international projects with the completion of another modern water project in 2018 that is almost identical to the Yombra project. The communiations with Host club and the International Club, Sarnia Bluewaterland, are excellent. The project contributes to WASH areas of focus plus two areas of focus- Disease Prevention and Treatment, and community economic development. The benefits to the community will provide sustainable drinking water to the village, neighbourhood primary school, health centre and preschool. Three thousandpeople will receive clean water supplied by a bore well and delivered by pipeline to kiosks. The water will be pumped using energy from solar cells. A reverse osmosis and filtration system will remove solids, bacteria and harmful minerals. People will pay small amounts for their water using a ashless system operated on their cell phones. A Safe Water Committee will manage the system and educate the community using the WASH curriculum. The outcome will enable more children to go to school, decrease time wasted by adults transporting water, reduce abuse of women traveling alone, and encourage economic development.
Camilla McGill
Sarnia Bluewaterland
Kisumu Central
Jul 06, 2020 3 years ago
Sarnia Bluewaterland
Kisumu Central
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