Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Area of Focus
WASH HUB – Booth 2401


The Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Rotary Action Group (WASH-RAG) is hosting the WASH Area of Focus HUB to showcase successful Global Grants, provide collaborative initiatives throughout Rotary’s Areas of Focus, and bring you opportunities for innovation, education, and engagement.


Join us in the House of Friendship at the Rotary International Convention in Singapore.

Tentative 4-15-2024
    Saturday, May 25
11:00   Grand Opening of
    House of Friendship
11:30   Polio Eradication and WASH
         Aziz Memon, Trustee, The Rotary Foundation
12:15   WASHBET - A Uganda Project to Repair &
    Restore Clean Water to Rural Villages 
         Cate Whitewood
13:00   Success Stories in WASH Projects 
    in District 9212
         Dr. Patrisio N. Njeru
14:00   Global Marketing Communications, SATO
         Janaina Campoy
15:00   WASH-Talent Management
         Sarah Causey Atkins
         Global eClub: Rotaract No Borders
16:00   7 Water & Sanitation Projects in
         Northern Peru's District 4465
         Marianna Zeidler
17:15   River Rejuvenation Program-Community 
         Action for Fresh Water
         Rajendrakumar V Saraf
    Sunday, May 26
11:30   What is the WASH Rotary Action Group?
         Patrick Coleman
12:00   Rotarian's Voices - Advocacy to Effect 
         Policy Change - John Oldfield
12:30   Solar-Powered WASH for Health:
    Harnessing the Sun for Sustainability
         Karen Kendrick-Hands and Dr. Elizabeth Henke
13:30   Solar Safe Water-A Sunshine Story
         Ludwig Lalthoff
14:00   Business Connect
          Luke Pinneo
          Social Gathering - All are Welcome
    Monday, May 27
11:00   Habitat for Humanity WASH and Housing  w/ Q&A
         Gregg McDonald and Lachhindra Maharjan
12:15   Increasing Rotary Impact: Lessons from Haiti 
         Ryan Rowe, Executive Director
13:00   How to Develop Effective Partners for Sustainable 
         WASH Results -  Ranjeev S., Steve W.
13:30   What it Means to be an Ambassador
         WASH Rotary Action Group Ambassadors
14:30   Rotary Grants: An Informal Discussion
         Meredith Burlew , Rotary International, Director of Grants
15:30   WASH Area of Focus Strategies
         Erica Gwynn, Manager, WASH Area of Focus
16:15   Community Assessment Tips to Avoid Cultural Conundrums
          Stew Martin
         Social Gathering - All are Welcome
    Tuesday, May 28
11:15   Bringing Water & Sanitation to 21 Hilltribe Villages
    in Northern Thailand - Rotary Club of 
         Chaing Mai International - (GG22333068) w/ Q&A
12:15   Increasing Rotary Impact: Lessons from Haiti 
         Ryan Rowe, Executive Director
13:00   EndPlastic Soup
         Rotary Clubs of Amsterdam
14:00   Business Connect
         Luke Pinneo
15:15   Improving Health Outcomes
         Through WASH
         RIVP Pat Merryweather-Arges
16:00   BREW Fellowship & WASH Social Event - Lion Brewery
    Wednesday, May 29
         Social Gathering - All are Welcome
9:45   Rainwater Harvesting - Cheap-Safe - Plentiful
        Stew Martin
10:30   How to Improve the Efficiency of Proposed
    Water Projects
         Marriana Zeidler
11:30   BREW & WASH-RAG Collaboration
         Steve Sehnert
12:15   WASH Area of Focus Strategies
         Erica Gwynn, Manager WASH Area of Focus
13:00   Upcycle Products from Auto Tires, Recyling Waste with
    Monetary Benefits to Empower Women, and Recycling
    Waste with Monetary Benefits-Reuse of Pop Idol
         Rajendrakumar Saraf
15:00   House of Friendship Closes