Become a Water Warrior !


Help save lives by providing the gifts of fresh water and sanitation to people all over the world — and have fun doing it!

Masaii children at the Nkenijii School near Narok, Kenya were able to get fresh water for the first time, thanks to a project by the Maywood, NJ Rotary Club that built a pipeline to the school from a spring 2-1/2 km away - with the help of WASRAG.

While at the school, one of the volunteers taught the teachers and children some yoga. The kids loved doing the Warrior Poses. So, these children became the first "Water Warriors!"

To become a Water Warrior, try one of the three Warrior Poses pictured below, while symbolically offering a glass or cup of clean water to a child - and then make a donation to WASRAG's annual fund. Snap a photo or take a video of yourself doing the pose while you hold out a glass of water. You can do this by yourself, with a friend or two, or even invite a group like a yoga class or classroom or Rotary club to become "warriors" with you. Have fun!