June 3-4, 2021   Virtual World Water Summit 13



Thursday, June 3, 6:00 PM Central




Friday, June 4, 10:00 AM Central

The 2019 WHO/UNICEF report on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in healthcare facilities (HCFs) outlined the stark inadequacy of WASH services in HCFs around the world, especially in least developed countries. Access to safe WASH is required to prevent and control infections, and ensure safe treatment of patients, staff and families. Learn about WASH in HCFs and what your club can do to help address this critical issue.

Learn about WASH in Healthcare Facilities

Meet keynote speaker Joanne McGriff, MD, MPH, a renowned expert and wonderful speaker who will describe the challenge we face. Water, sanitation, hygiene are critical for healthcare facilities. Rotarians have an important role in addressing this challenge.

Advocacy - A Perfect Role for Rotarians

Keynote speaker John Oldfield, principal at Global Water 2020, knows the power of advocacy and is a long time friend of WASH-RAG.
John will share:
  • why advocacy is so important in WASH in healthcare facility work
  • what Rotarians can do to help
  • where to find resources
  • how to monitor your progress

Learn about WASH from fellow Rotarians

The WASH-RAG's Virtual Water Summit will feature a presentation sharing a Rotary club's journey from club grant, to District grant to Global Grant, supporting WASH in HCFs in northern Malawi.
Jodey Porter, Int'l Committee Chair will share:
  • lessons learned along the way
  • the value of partnerships
  • and who is Thomas Bayes, anyway?